Robi Del Mar II / Conversation Killers

by Steve Daubenspeck & Robi Del Mar (ex Granfaloon Bus)

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    Recorded with Danny Heifetz of Mr. Bungle/Dieselhed fame on drums and Victor Krumenacher on bass of Camper Van Beethoven. It's the Rock Album of steve's 4 releases. It's the second album with this stellar line up. AKA as the Robi Del Mar II. Tracked at Coast in San Francisco and at my then home, in Bernal Heights . Special Guest include Ralph Carney and Jonathan Segel and Lemon the cockatiel who did a single take while testing the ribbon mic on 'You won't sing'.

    This Album may never come out. So download it here free or support the arts and get a CDR with hand made cover for 5$ by sending SASE to Robi Del Mar at 5871 Clinton Ave. Richmond, CA 94805.


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Victor Krummenacher (bassist of Camper Van Beethoven) and Danny Heifetz (drummer of Mr. Bungle,Dieselhed, Secret Chiefs) and I made this album at Coast Recorder in SF with Thom Canova at the helm.

with Guest Ralph Carney (horns) and Jonathan Segel (viola). Mastered by Michael Romanowski. Although recorded in 2001ish, Label relations and contracts failed to materialize into a physical product. We are planning on releasing no later than it's 20th anniversary. And perhaps a brief Left Coast Tour. (who knows Europe and Australia) Because you know about this, you have a digital sneak peak.. And perhaps you can help fund the kick starter campaign to put this out on vinyl. If you are interested, contact me.

Thanks for supporting independent and unfiltered, uncorporate music..

Stevie d.


released July 7, 2010

** this album may never come out. Unfortunately I don't have the cash to put this out out.

Danny Heifetz- Drums and Organ
Victor Krummenacher- bass
Steve Daubenspeck- guitars, organs, toy pianos, bird recordings and bass on May You Sing

with special guest
eric walker - piano and organ
jonathan segel- lead guitar three notes.. on Wearin' Blue, viola
ralph carney- Horns

about the recordin' session: as usual for me i record albums in 6 days ( 2 days basics, 2 days overdubs, 2 days mixing). Thom Canova recorded and mixed! This album had additional over dubs at my home studio since we recorded to 2" 16 track and I have a MM 1000 16 track at home. So Ralph, Bernal Height neighbor came over for over dubs. Organs ,since I had a few, were done at home by me with the exception on Wunderin (which danny played on hands and knees on foot pedals while Victor was at the gym)



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Steve Daubenspeck & Robi Del Mar (ex Granfaloon Bus) San Francisco, California

Nevernmind Granfaloon Bus: Here are Steve's albums (4)
Robi Del Mar I (Alone in the Belly) and II (Conversation Killers) are w/ Danny Heifetz on drums & Victor Krummenacher on bass Conversation Killers was never released, yet available here only. Robi Del Mar is a line up.. with Danny and Victor-

Steve's 3rd album, Driftin' with our Shadows 2010, & 4th Black Dog Duppy are with Greg Freeman
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Track Name: Build you a haus
I could build you a house
I will stay there with you
Headin' off to the country
Far away from the big ol' blue
We can burn all the patriot lawns
Cause it's your turn to drive
And no the police won't catch us
we'll wave them, we'll wave them,....

We could wave at the truckers
With the girly mud flaps
And the boys in the 4x's
Stuck in the snow with out rides